February 20, 2014

2013 Books In Review

Here we are once again with a list of books I read in 2013.  Not as many as I had hoped to read, but a certain little man named Everett had something to do with that.  :)


The Law & The Gospel - Ernest Reisinger
The Unfolding Mystery - Edmund Clowney
Faith Unfeigned - John Calvin
How Jesus Transforms The 10 Commandments - Edmund Clowney
Giants: Sons of The Gods - Doug Van Dorn
The Plan of Salvation - B.B. Warfield
Christ And The Desert Tabernacle - J.V. Fesko
Basic Bible Interpretation - Roy Zuck

Favorite - Giants: Sons of the Gods by Doug Van Dorn - 2013 was the year of the law, with a lot of discussion with a lot of good people regarding that subject, but I had to give the nod to my old friend Doug and his book on Giants - which ended up being about so much more than that.  Highly recommended reading.  his thought process continues to amaze me - even after 17 years or however long it's been.  It is probably the best researched book I've ever read, and the notes are worth the price of the book itself.  How does Jesus triumph?  That, at least to me, was the point of the book and it was such an interesting and fascinating - and at times creepy- way to get there.  "The Unfolding Mystery" by Clowney was also fantastic.  You can never have too much of Christ!  Nothing whatsoever against my dispensational brethren, but I also want to note that I was not fond of Zuck's book at all.


The Broker - John Grisham
Infidel - Ted Dekker
The Skin Map - Stephen Lawhead
Arthur - Stephen Lawhead
Playing for Pizza - John Grisham
Three - Ted Dekker
The Name of the Wind - Patrick Rothfuss

Favorite - The Name of the Wind by Patrick Rothfuss - Normally, Lawhead is a slam dunk in this category, and believe me, it pains me to choose another author over him.  Having said that, The Name of the Wind was exceptional.  Rothfuss is a great story teller, and that's a good thing, considering the book is over 700 pages.  A lot of books that length have a hard time keeping your attention, but this one was a great story, and I can't wait to read the next one.  It's in the same vein as Lawhead books, which is probably why I liked it so much.  Although I will say it was a pleasure reading Arthur again.  I never tire of that series.  The Skin Map was a LOT of fun as well, and the good news is there are 4 books to go in that series, so I'll get my fill.


A Bully Father - Joan Kerr
The Courage & Character of Teddy Roosevelt - George Grant
The Big Scrum - John Miller
The Black Count - Tom Reiss
Dad is Fat - Jim Gaffigan
The Art of Intelligence - henry Crumpton

Favorite - The Courage & Character of Teddy Roosevelt by George Grant  2013 was the year of Teddy.  Half of the books in this category that I read were about him.  (Bully Father, Big Scrum as well as Courage & Character)  If Spurgeon is my theological historic hero, then Teddy Roosevelt is my political historic hero.  The man was simply amazing and it really came through in Grant's book.  More of a series of essays than a straight book, he talked about everything ranging from politics, to faith, to humor to sports regarding Roosevelt.  I very much suggest reading this and not walking away from it loving the man.  On the flip side, the Black Count  - which is about the true Count of Monte Cristo, was intriguing and first, and then slowed waaaayyyy down.  Almost to the point of just boring, and that's a shame, because the history is so fascinating.


Think - John Piper
The Pleasures of Reading in An Age of Distraction - Alan Jacobs
The Rule of Love - J.V. Fesko 

Favorite - The Pleasures of Reading in an Age of Distraction by Alan Jacobs.  This was a fascinating read, and a very influential book for me.  It helped shaped a lot of my thoughts about reading, and the distractions of life - mainly technology.  if you love to read, then you'll love this book.  Some very practical ideas and points about reading that I found very helpful and thought provoking.

Well, there you have it, and Lord willing, we'll do it again next year!

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